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1112 Episode 2 Walkthrough

FAQ. (Without spoilers)
Q. I'm looking in the hotel for a 3 days and nothing, i need the screwdriver now to open the crate, where ???!!!!
A. It's Here -  122.jpg

Q. Sudoku !!! WTF ??? ( Can't solve it ).
A. Try this.

1112 Episode 2 Walkthrough
1112 episode 02


Lift the pillow and take the wallet. Open inventory and push on the wallet to take your credit card out,
Got to the bathroom. Push the switch on and "listen to the wall" . Open the garbage can and take your pills and tore papers. Open the inventory and use them to start solving puzzle.

When the piece appears in the right place it becomes inactive so it rather simple. 
When you've solved the puzzle open it in inventory and look on the other side , there u see your pin code for your credit card. (2080)
open the tap ( there's reference to the first episode on the mirror) and go out of the room ( just tap the floor ( named hall )) 
Try to open the 1111 room then go to the "G" floor using the lift.
Take the umbrella , lift the pen on counter and take the note , search the slot machine go out . 

Talk to the hot dog seller , ask him about his fiancée. Use your credit card on the ATM ( remember the pin ? )  then push the withdraw button.

Head to 11 floor to the room 1113 now. Talk with Conchita and try to take the keys. Back to the streets. 

Talk with hot dog seller about ring , then head to the jewelery and try  to talk with jeweler.

Give the weird guy an umbrella. take the key. Go the 10 floor, room 1014 ( use keys )

Take scalpel ( on a poster) and go to the bathroom.
take the crowbar and use it on the crazy man ( fast move with your phone ). Take Gloves. 
use scalpel on slot machine. 
Use gloves on slot machine
Thats a multi touch puzzle , so u need to take 2 wires with 2 fingers ( 6+2 , 7+8, 12+4 ,18+5, 29+13 ) 
There were a hint on the note u picked ( 8 -15 - 16 -23 -42 )
take the pack of money.
Use the crowbar on the car .

Ask jeweler about "3272 4763" ( there's only one ring with green emerald on the desk ) then ask about price. Use money on the seller. 

Give the ring to the hot dog guy. 

Get to the 11 floor, room 1113 , get the keys and use them on room 1111.
1st floor now.
Talk with receptionist and ask him about sudoku. When you solve the puzzle ask about cellphone.
There's supposed to be a random numbers on each iPhone ( that's why no pict ) 

 Now u have to call to the Goodman office ( number at business card - 577 465 992 )
you must put iPhone in portrait mode to toggle the game phone. 

head the underground. 

Enter the office and talk with secretary until she calls the security.
really great artist working on that game  
 Talk with bum about Clara and singing ( dry throat  ).

Take the bottle in the can.

Take the screwdriver ( behind pillar ( zoom )) . Ask Archi about the sleeping pills and trigger the level 2 sudoku.
After you have solved this damn puzzle ask him about sleeping pills and get keys. 
Use key on cabinet on 10 floor to get pills.
Then you need to take flashlight in 1111 in bathroom and women magazine in bathroom in 1113.

Use whiskey on bum.

Use pills on secretary's coffee, use her device to place your fingerprint in database. After that you free to pass scanner on the wall. 
Use flashlight to reveal the darkness . Use crowbar on planks 2 times.
Move the small chest and use screwdriver on the big one.
Louis feels he needs to go home , let's head to the hotel.

Another Puzzle. After you had solved the LEVEL 3 SUDOKU ask Archi about "Directions" and head to the underground. 

When you arrive try to enter the bus. After the conversation took place give the "Magazine" to an old lady. 
Head to the "Dandy cookie". Try to take cupcake on the stand, then give tony the 50 bucks . 
Underground now. Wtf ?? Back to the "Dandy Cookie" and take the cupcake . 

We're at the gas station now . 
Talk to the guy and ask him about pass. Look the scene then use the pass on the lock . 

Nice ending, the same like 2 years ago, looking forward for an episode 3 ! 

1.There are different gameovers in game. You can try use crowbar on any person in game. Or choose another action in the final scene with crazy man. 
2.Each person in game have unique answer for "1112" in dialogue.  


Ale Pwner said...
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Alireza said...

How to solve level 3 Sudoku?

plz help

HardRock said...

fill with the numbers you have and click solve

boom said...
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boom said...

This explains a bit of the ending:

It talks about 1112.

Nate Bramble said...

I missed finding the wallet in the beginning of the game. I'm now at th part where I need the cupcake and when I go back for the wallet there's nothing under the pillow. I'm stuck. What do I do?

Adam's iPhone said...

Why I can't call goodman's number? I tryied the number on the card it's just not working

Ysobelle said...

I died!!!!!!!!!!!! He Killed Louis!! I cried... Can you restart from that last scene?

Anonymous said...

yea u can restart just go back to the main menu and click continue it will put you right after he kills the clerk

Claudio Torres said...

I don't know what I did wrong?
I'm on gas station and when I get the pass... The Crazy Costumer appears with a Knife and I don't have nothing to do...

Flakessp said...

there 's a bug in a game . if you dont pick the wallet in early game you can't get him later ( it's under the pillow in the early beggining)

TheIpodRocka said...

I cant find the guy i have to give the umbrelle, cant find the wiered guy...please help me.

Jieve said...

Errr in the cupcake part, I did what i've told but there's a customer that bought a cupcake just before me then I followed her, she says she ain't hv any.cupcake and when I go back to the shop there's nothing WTF?

chii said...

ive done everything listed above yet every time i try to use the atm, it just says "ill need my card to do that" i got the wallet allready and took the card out too....

Flakessp said...

chili - just use your credit card on it
jieve and theipodrocka - read carefully and try to do this again all again
ps. i was stuck about the weird guy much long try to talk with everyone you need to solve all puzzles and take all the possible things to trigger his appearance

hfhf said...

I cant find the warehouse.. Please heeelp me

hfhf said...

Nobody can help me? I can't find the office.

Kjetil said...

Where do i find the gloves? Do i need torch for this, and In that case where is the torch ( have looked and looked In the bathroom og room 1112)

Federico said...

finished..not too bad..

Anonymous said...

Flakessp: can't use my creditcard either. I don't know how is there some button? Every time i use the ATM it says: i need to use my card on this atm. But how? Please HELP anyone. I'm stuck. Already did everything what i needed to do before the atm.

Ankur said...

Finished the game with some hints obviously.. Good game. waiting for episode 3 :)

Anonymous said...

how can I ask to the hot dog seller about his fianceé?

Anonymous said...

please, can you say me this because i'm jamme and i can't do anything

Chi said...
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Chi said...


you need to examine your wallet to take the AMEX card out (the business card looks very much like a credit/ATM card, but the AMEX card is the one you need
use the AMEX card to the ATM machine. PIN# is on the back of the "dont trust goodman" paper, which is 2080

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

but what do i say to the hot dog seller? i don't know how to ask about his fianceé.T.T

Anonymous said...

I say to the hot dog seller: she, fiancee or ring and the hot dog seller tells me: uh?, what? or I don't get it

Pesho said...

And at the and I die ?!? .... so sad :D I have played it for so long time nd for what do be dead ... SUX

andrej said...

same problem like JIEVE....Errr in the cupcake part, I did what i've told but there's a customer that bought a cupcake just before me then I followed her, she says she ain't hv any.cupcake and when I go back to the shop there's nothing WTF?please HELP!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck I not able to withdraw money I no the code 2080 but how do I get him to use the ATM

morrighanscrow said...

This game is awesome. I cannot wait for episode three. Hopefully it will be the last one, so that I can find out how it ends.

Kelsie said...

Where do you find the gloves?

beckie_dew said...

its back at the hotel, in room 1114 where the crazy guy was, and the glove is on the bed!

beckie_dew said...

I downloaded the game yesterday, and completed it this morning!!! brilliant game, just wish it had been alot longer! hurry up episode 3!!

sel said...

help!!! to get the card to use it on ATM? always got msg " need to user credit card"
i've already taken out from wallet

chris26746 said...

it wont let me as the hot dog seller about his fiancee

chris26746 said...
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dannyd said...

I have the ring and everything but I need to give it to the hot dog guy like it suggests, and it won't let me! Help?!

GatsBing said...

how do i switch on the torchlight to light up room 1113 to get the woman magazine?! T.T

Bizarre2love said...

People, play the tutorial.
The method to "use" thing is different from the episode 1, that is why everyone saying they cannot use the ATM with the card, you need to touch the card until it is lifted in your inventory, then drag to the right bottom corner, and then the inventory folder will lift up automatically, and you can drag the card to the ATM, then click the action button.

primiq said...


khani said...

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Claire said...

sorry, followed all prompts and followed cheats, but still cannot get the cash card to move from inventory, will not drag off the inventory folder, shall i delete the game and re download it? it must have a bug????? ps, looked all over for tutorial, cannot find it, unless you mean watch the trailer, did that but no hints on using inventory folder....

Claire said...

ok, i figured it out. open inventory, with all the other items, touch and hold credit card, then slide off inventory page,i was highlighting the damned thing first......

Mikasa Jaeger said...

I cannot call the Goodman's office. I can call the other on the contact but I can't call Goodman's office. Why?

Nikki said...

cannot see the screwdriver pen or note in the hotel lobby

Yaelle Glenn said...

Its 2016 now. I had this bookmarked from 5 or 6 years ago!!!
Did they ever end up finishing this series!?? I tried to search iTunes last year but got nothing.
How frustrating. This had great potential.... I mean, if they didnt finish it.

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